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Just like you child-proofed your home until he learned how to be safe, the same principle holds true with learning. Elementary school was safe and supportive but with the new Federal Education Mandate: Common Core; Middle School is now like attending college. Now with the pandemic you are expected to be and expert in  IT support, teachers aid, cafeteria  worker, hall monitor, principle and assistant principle. 

Middle School is HARD, especially now that it virtual.

While children develop and learn at their own pace, we show you how to assist, support and encourage your child in the area of learning, remembering and recalling that leads to classroom success.   If you have a brilliant child that just isn't recognized by the teachers or the school's administration. Or if you have a child who needs a little extra help with navigating the classroom and his schoolwork? Or if you simple want your child to get "ahead" of the curve.  Let Mastering Middle School develop his ability to communicate, his organizational and thinking skills. We guarantee that has your child's executive functioning skills increase your frustration will decrease and  his confidence will increase as he learns how to manage his education.


We have a team of adolescence education specialists, school administrators, behavioral specialist, social workers, teachers, school counselors, each with decades of experience, who are there to help you successfully navigate middle school and give your child the gift of life long learning skills.

We hope you check us out! There's much more to come!

7 Strategies to Master Middle School

  • Middle School Overview: Pipeline to Success​

  • Creating your Educational Support Team

  • Healthy Homework Habits

  • Strengthening Study Skills

  • The Write Tool

  • Advocating, Resolving and Trouble Shooting

  • Proactive Productivity

"This program showed us how to get homework done without all the drama. We now have order to his homework."


Mother of  James, 7th grade

"Truely life changing. Middle school matters transformed my experience with middle school. It went from being the most unpleasant experience imaginable, to tolerable to successful."


Mother of Joshua, 7th grade

"The write tool gave me the insight on how to support  William when completing his English assignments. "


Mother of William, 8th grade 

About Sandra

In addition to being a social worker, Sandra Gammons, LGSW, is an executive functioning specialist, educational organizational development consultant, educator, and parent.  She has learned first-hand, the importance of developing a successful educational foundation, particularly for middle school-aged boys.  As a teacher in both the Richmond City Public School and Charles County Public School systems, she understands the tensions between educators and parents, and has developed strategies that eliminate competition, get parents, teachers and students on the same page, and propel young men to educational success. 

Sandra earned her undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990 and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Howard University in 1995. After being diagnosed with a learning disability her junior year in college, she spent the next three years re-educating herself on how she learns. The principles she learned has evolved into her Middle School Matters Program, specifically developed for boys. Her two adult sons have successfully completed high school and apply the principles learned during middle school for lifelong learning.


Ms. Gammons is currently the Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management at the Howard University School of Social Work. 

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